Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Simply Raw

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 I am writing my first blog. I was blessed with the opportunity to view the documentary Simply Raw last week at Certified Health Counselor, Laura L's home in Fairfield, CT. Her husband, Michael who I know through Send Out Cards introduced us and we immediately connected via newsletters and facebook.

Gosh I love the power of the internet! I will blog another day about the amazing people I have met online!)

It was truly a beautiful experience. These 6 diabetics of all shapes and sizes were selected to go a remote location for 30 days, eat only raw foods, and be monitored by doctors and nutritionists. It was truly phenomenal to see that diabetes can truly be cured by what we eat!!! When it is said that we are what we eat, it is simply the truth.

The documentary really hit home because my mother and brother are diabetic. I love them dearly and am closer to my brother than I ever have been before in my life and I want to grow old with him, as hoakie as that sounds. I am one of those people that really wants to live to be over 100 and I truly believe that I will do it!

I have really embraced my health and fitness since January and am so proud that I have made the decision to do so. I really want to share this with others because so many people out there just don't know. And as silly as this quote sounds, it is true. . . "If you don't know, then you don't know." Prior to this year I just didn't know because I never was taught or never wanted to be educated on health and fitness. For today I just want to get everyone thinking about what they eat. We always hear eat your vegetables and fruit, but do we really know why? Because they are good for us. . . Why?

Watch a trailer of Simply Raw by clicking here.... ENJOY! I did! :)