Monday, April 12, 2010

Our new adventure!

So... Long time no talk! :) I love how life always surprises me and the path God is leading me on!

I have been learning so much at the Women's Business Development Center Fast Trac Course the past few weeks that all entrepreneurs need to know to own a successful business. From having a business plan to knowing how much revenue you need to make in order to pay yourself a certain salary to marketing/advertising tips! I'm loving it! The diverse group of women also blows my mind! I can't help but mention Gabby of her children's clothing swap shop in Bridgeport Those are just my natural connectors working internally that I can't help but release! hehe :) Hence the reason for me creating my Connection business! And speaking of...... I have not lost hope nor am I giving up, but my amazing husband, Danny and I were offered a position working together! We'll be property managers for an independent living retirement community and we'll be living on site in Guilford, CT after our 5 week training in Lenox, MA. It is a phenomenal opportunity and I am unsure of what our schedule will be so I want to focus on this new experience and get settled into our new area and then continue on my path of the Connections business. Which leads to a whole new world of networking as we are required to encourage move-ins into the facility we'll be working at. This is such a new and exciting challenge and what a beautiful opportunity to work together with my husband in unity while serving others! We thank God every day for allowing us this opportunity! My husband and I have a beautiful and genuine relationship with God and we are eternally grateful!

On a personal note we went to a picnic in Southington, CT with our fellowship yesterday and God blessed us with such a gorgeous day! I haven't had such a good time in so long! We played volleyball for a few hours and it reminded me of how much I miss it and really enjoy playing! I was complimented on how well I played and it really made me blush! It brought out a healthy competitiveness and realization that I need to be more active (and not just at the gym) and remind myself to have fun in life! Because us ladies got laughing so hard and that deep down belly laughing!!!! :)

Until next time.... Big Hugs! :) Heather