Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Power of the Internet and Networking

Good afternoon! :) This past week has been phenomenal! My husband is so busy with his business and it is really taking off, I am so proud of him! I wanted to share a bit about the power of the internet today and the impact it has had in my life personally and professionally. First of all, I met my amazing husband on the internet. So, yes the stories you see in the advertisements are true, it is possible to find your soul mate online! :)

I love networking with other professionals, but it often begins online. There are websites such as where you can search your area for groups that get together face to face to network, gather dogs to play, etc. I meet up with a magnificent group of women every two weeks in Hamden called the New Haven Women in Business - Marketing Strategies. In this group I have met the photographer for our wedding, Barbara Ambrocio; Nikki Auguste who designs websites, has designed my business cards, and helps you promote your business; Sandy Lentini of Cabi (who introduced me to the gorgeous Karen Marino, who helps you take care of your skin!); Gaynelle Felder of New York Life, Amy Desmarais of Ripple 100, Debbie Szczepanski of Dove Chocolate (who introduced me to her friend Amy DiPippo that runs a Business Builders Alliance meeting that I also attend monthly) I am mentioning these women because not only do I network with them, but I call them my friends now as we have all build relationships with one another!

I used to do a lot of networking on myspace before Facebook and Twitter became more valuable and met my friend and hairdresser Shellie, of Allure a Full Service Salon in Southington, CT who I love dearly. I also had joined some online yahoo groups and chatted via the internet with other business professionals and have met some great woman there as well!

Another website is I was introduced to Kim Deyoung's site through Laura Campbell, who I also met online through an Anthony Robbins graduate site, since we both have attended his events. I began emailing a woman that lived close to me, Julie Clark and we decided to meet for tea. She introduced me to this outstanding event in Danbury called Contacts and Compacts by Cathy Moore that I attend regularly now. At that event I have met some really amazing women too!

All of the people, mostly women that I have met through networking haven't all become my customers, but most importantly they have inspired me, motivated me, introduced me to more amazing and powerful women, have shared tools to grow my self and my business and invite me to new events to attend and network at. We all also stay connected via the internet on Facebook, in which our posts inspire one another and continue to provide resources for each another, whether it be an interesting article, video or new referral. I have also met a few amazing people on LinkedIn!

I could probably go on and on with stories about how I have met this person or that person, but a huge part of my network I have met either online or at networking events. Do you think it might work for you?

I would love feedback on my blogs since this is new to me, I would greatly appreciate any and all! Thank you!


Heather Nieves