Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm on my way!

I love my life! It is truly so important to surround yourself with good people! Good people that are positive, successful, happy and loving! :) I am living that life! I just received a call from a friend, Mona that I met through what I call my Tony Robbins family and she asked me to help her organize a Women's Empowerment Event this weekend and speak at it! Wow am I surprised and honored! I could not say no, because God has put her in my life right now for a reason! So I'm going to work with my coach, Chris Makell this week on my presentation, but most importantly, I'll just be ME! ;) This opportunity really just shows me how I am manifesting my business (that is still un-named, but who knows maybe this weekend it will come to me!). I am still working with my coach on my business plan (for those of you looking for an update!)

We returned from Florida last week! We drove down, stopped in NC, stayed with a friend of mine then drove the remainder of the way to Jacksonville. My husband and I were able to spend some genuine quality time together, it was wonderful! We went to the Zoo before his company, Qivana convention. We saw the new product MetaboliQ launch. It was so exciting!

Our Speed Networking event is tomorrow night and we are expecting over 25 people. I look forward to meeting more amazing people and connecting them to one another, as I do so well! :)

My Life is truly blessed and I thank God every day! Until next time..... Hugs from Heather! :)

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