Friday, December 18, 2009

Life's really been a fantastic roller coaster the past few weeks so I am sitting here this Friday afternoon reflecting on it! :) I believe everything happens for a reason and I haven't been miss positive all that much lately, but things turned around (as they always do!) I have been helping my husband with his business and this week it's really taking off! It had an awesome growth in October, was steady in November, but is taking off again in December, during this so called recession!!!! I love it!!!! The company is coming out with a weight loss product in January and we'll learn more about it when we go to Florida in January! Danny is really respected in the company and they have asked him to translate videos into spanish which has been a wonderful process to watch him complete as well! It's just so exciting to see my husband excelling at something that I've always known he could do, it just happens to be the right 'time' now.....

The same night I attended Rosa's magnificent Potluck/Networking Night and was just surrounded with the healthiest, most energetic, happy, inspirational people! :) What a wonderful feeling! :D And I was just flourished with love and gifts! My good friend, Chris Makell, who god brought into my life, gave me the best gift I've ever received that brought tears to my eyes! The most amazing part about our friendship is that we have only known one another for maybe two or so months, yet we connected immediately and are so close now! She is a career transition coach and is a phenomenal woman that I admire, respect and love!

I have been reading a lot of articles on starting your own business and am excited to be meeting with Chris and Amy in the coming weeks to brainstorm some more on how to get this business I have been talking about going!!! I promise to keep you all posted because I KNOW I CAN DO IT!! :)

Have an OUTSTANDING weekend and please, all comments and feedback are welcome! :) Hugs

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